We are a team who has been around horses most of our lives. We believe in the power of horses as teachers as they honestly reflect emotions, thoughts and energy we may not be aware of. We create unique team building events unlike the most common events currently on the scene. We have participated in many of those events and while they are excellent, we found working with horses to be a completely different experience for us and attendees. Climbing a rock wall and repelling down is great. So are ropes courses and other such common team events. However, no one can man handle (or woman handle for that matter) a half ton animal with a mind of it’s own. The uniqueness of these activities cause a team and each individual to dig deep inside themselves so they can to approach the task from a completely different frame of mind. Talents and skills that might have been hidden all of a sudden show up in delightful ways. We look forward to assisting you in this experience!

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